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Google Compute Engine (GCE)

Google Compute Engine (GCE) competes directly contrary to the support that place Amazon Web Services on the map: hosting virtual machines (VMs, servers which exist entirely as applications ).

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE, previously Google Container Engine) is a platform for a more contemporary kind of containerized program (placed in what are often called”Docker containers”), which can be designed for installation on cloud systems.


Google App Engine

Google App Engine provides software developers with tools and languages like Python, PHP, and Microsoft’s .NET languages, even for constructing and deploying a web application on the cloud of Google. This differs from building the program locally and deploying it generously on the cloud; this can be”cloud-native” development: building, deploying, and evolving the program all remotely.

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is GCP’s object data store, which means that it takes any amount of information and signifies that information to its consumer in whatever way is most useful — for instance, as documents, a database, a data flow, an unordered collection of information, or as multimedia.


Nearline is a way to use Google Cloud Storage for archival and backup data — the type that you would think about a database, which might be retrieved by a single user no more frequently than one time. Google calls this version”cold storage,” and adjusts its pricing model to account for this reduced degree of use, with the intent of earning Nearline a more appealing solution for these purposes as system copies.


Anthos, declared last April, is GCP’s method for organizing and keeping programs which might be based around Google, but might use resources from AWS or even Azure (“multi-cloud providers”). Think about a program that stores its logs and whose code base is hosted by Google, but an AI role is borrowed by that from AWS.

Google Anttheos

Big Query

Big Query Is a data warehousing system with Google Cloud Storage made for large amounts of highly data, allowing SQL queries to be implemented over multiple databases of construction amounts. Instead of a row-basedSQL relational database indicator, BigQuery merged into a storage method that is parallel and uses a columnar storage method in. This kind of organization proves helpful in programs, which collect data on easy typical, relationships between information components.

Cloud Pub/Sub

Cloud Pub/Sub (publish-and-subscribe) is a mechanism that replaces the message queues used by middleware during the earlier era of client/server applications. For applications that are designed to cooperate without being explicitly connected to one another (“asynchronously”), Pub/Sub serves as a kind of post office for events, so one application can notify others of their progress or about requests they may have.

Google pub/Sub

Cloud Bigtable

Cloud Bigtable (previously BigTable) is a highly dispersed data system which arranges related data to a multi-purpose gathering of key/value pairs, depending on the large scale storage system Google made for its use in keeping search indexes. An assembly is more easy for software to handle than a huge index to get a gigantic database.

Cloud SQL

Cloud SQL (not yet ready for public consumption) hosts a whole lot more conventional, relational database tables and indicators, employing a GCE case that scales up itself to fulfill with the database’s functionality requirements.


We’re pleased to be named the Google Cloud 2019 Technology Partner of the Year for Security victor, perceived for our creative reasoning, exceptional client assistance, and top tier utilization of Google Cloud items and administrations.

Our organization with Google Cloud gives a total stack, which incorporates foundation and security coordinated and tried together to assist clients with meeting their security and administration rules over their cloud ventures.

Serverrs gives application and server security to cloud outstanding burdens from the manufacture pipeline to runtime. Serverrs has been tried to run appropriately and secure outstanding burdens on the Google Cloud Platform. This approval helps endeavors unhesitatingly and safely grasp distributed computing, improve their capacity to follow guidelines, and meet the mutual duty regarding security in the cloud. Tight reconciliation with Google cloud makes your security proficient and versatile, so you get the full advantage of the cloud’s readiness and cost investment funds.


Our services

Cloud Experience

The cloud is as complicated as it's powerful. And it is always evolving. Our specialists can give the migration, layout and preparation support you will need to browse it.

Always-On Service and Support

Using Rackspace Managed Services, 100 specialists manage your Google Cloud Platform and supported 24x7x365. And it is backed by our SLAs that were bonded.

Ongoing Optimization

Your account team at Rackspace will offer proactive and recurring direction, optimisation and tracking of Google Cloud Platform attributes -- so you may experience optimum cloud functionality.

Cost Savings & Optimization

Our experts and more than 20 years of expertise in databases, cloud, DevOps and analytics supply one of the quickest time to value.

End-to-end GCP Solutions

When it's automation cloud surgeries or data and analytics, we're your one-stop store for attaining your cloud eyesight.

Launched GCP solutions

By embracing our alternatives, get value from GCP, patterns and automations constructed for GCP.

Build Your Google Cloud Platform Solution with Service Blocks

Virtual Private Server environment provides the benefits of a dedicated server, but at comparatively lesser and affordable price. In other words, it can also be described as a technique of partitioning a single physical server into many virtual servers known as VPS. 

Platform Essentials

Next-gen cloud management applications such as user and account management and surroundings optimization together with 24x7x365 ticketed accessibility and prioritized escalations provided by our Google Cloud pros.

Manage & Operate

24x7x365 continuing operational support such as OS direction, monitoring, alerting and remediation support through escalation and event direction — and improved tooling and automation — by a group of Google-certified pros.

Sophisticated Cloud Operations

Accessibility to innovative, called technical Google Cloud pros, such as solution architects, lead engineers, Kubernetes specialists and DevOps experts to help maximize your Google Cloud.

Architect & Deploy

Accredited Google Cloud architects design, construct and deploy your Google Cloud infrastructure to satisfy your particular needs for management, operational procedures and safety Implementing cloud management best practices.

How Serverrs Manages your GCP Server's?

Managed GCP Security

Tracking – Our Cloud specialists explore issues, monitor your infrastructure 24/7, and fix your problems. Direction – This service provides infrastructure control from problem solving to upkeep — providing a internet operations team’s purpose. Remediation- This includes issue resolution and observation managed by engineers effective at solving problems Which Range from minor

Evaluation and Architecture

Your structure will be built by us based on price versions diagrams and best-practices. Our team of Google Cloud specialists collect your requirements and will review your program infrastructure.


In addition, we streamline your management portal site to boost functionality and your efficiency. By ensuring the use of tools on its own platform, we mnimize your GCP price.


We create your site or web application reside once verified. We polish and will test your program. Data and your applications move execute validation that is post-migration. Pick the for information migration.

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Answers to most frequently asked shared hosting questions

We create a new server on your behalf at Google Compute Engine, so you don’t need to use or bring your existing Google cloud account when you host your website on our platform.


Yes,quite easily. You can scale through our console in a few clicks by going to the Vertical Scaling tab in menu. Read our KB article to learn more.


Yes, quite easily. Google cloud services are great for hosting websites with high amounts of traffic. Serverrs adds more value with added functionality.


Yes you can. You can launch as many Google cloud servers as you want on a single account with Serverrs.


No. The monthly Serverrs invoice presents a single cost item that includes all the costs incurred for Serverrs server management and Google Cloud Compute Engine Services.


Yes you can. When launching from the Serverrs platform, select your preferred data center from the drop down menu.



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First-class service from these guys tried many hosting providers over the years but none dealt with problems and issues as quickly and as professional as Serverrs hosting. I would highly recommend. As you can tell, I’m very happy with the two business accounts I lease from Serverrs and their support I have received through the years.THere GCP service is great!!
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